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Meet SHITAB AZIZ, a veritable wizard of technology who is a Dreamer , a Digital Marketing expert, a Web Designer, an entrepreneur and an avid speaker on Digital Marketing. Just at the age of 19, Shitab has been able to accomplish a whole lot.

With no family background in computers or business, Shitab’s journey from a middle class child to a successful young adult is very extraordinary and inspirational..


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I design professional wordpress websites, landing page, news portal, portfolio site etc


I design company logo, Business Card, Banner, Flyer, Poster, T-shirt etc.


I provide KGR Keywords, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing etc.


I Make Professional video for facebook marketing and company advertising.


I am ready for any kind of social work. I love to help people and believe in change


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Hey! what do you need? Are you looking for a Digital Marketing Expert for your Website or Business? Do you need a Web Designer to Design your Web site to promote your Business? or need a Graphics Designer to Design your logo, T-shirt, business card, banner, poster? if so, you're in the right place!!


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He is doing very well! He is expert in Digital Marketing


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Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization S.R.O. refers to the process of optimizing a website to maximize the amount of people that take the desired action you want like signing up for your news at or making a purchase on your website. 
As you might have guessed, the conversion part happens whenever people take the specific action you desire. If you run an e-commerce site, 

for example, a conversion would be when people buy one or more of your products, if you're a blogger, a conversion could be a sign up to your email newsletter. To optimize your conversion rate, you need to understand visitors behavior on your website. 

Even if you don't have any S.R.O. knowledge, there are tools that can help you do just that. Heat maps are a great way to monitor and observe visitor behavior and tools like Crazy Egg or Hot Job will allow you to easily make use of heat map technology, these handy tools that you track, the exact actions your website visitors take so you can see all the places they like to click and learn what content they enjoy reading or watching. 

Hodja can even scream record each individual visitor action for you, this way you can quickly discover what the strong and weak points of your website are and you can optimize your site to attract more sales.

What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing is a way for companies or brands to interact with customers, maybe potential customers in a social, natural way. This is typically done on bigger sites like Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter but it can also be done on smaller niche sites that are built more around community.
Why is Social Media Marketing relevant?
 Social media is like a town-hall, it's a place where people to come to see their families or to catch up with friends, share stories even discuss today's latest breaking news or educate themselves. People don't want to be handed a flyer with your sales pitch on it, people want to discuss and engaging things that are relevant to them, interesting to them, as a chance for brands to get in touch with these prospects that could be coming through their pipeline, as a chance for them to reach out to people that may not know anything about them, to be able to discuss what's important to them, to engage in these conversations and have real discussions about real things that matter to the individual. 
What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing? 
Social media marketing can serve every stage of the buying cycle. To me, there's really two that stand out the most. The first one is the awareness stage which is where customers or prospects may not know anything about your company and you're really just trying to get yourself in front of them and so you're trying to engage in conversations with them or trying to just find places where they're talking about things that are related to your company, so you reach out to them and just make them aware of your company. The second one is kind of on the other end of the spectrum which is more the customer relations side of things. Whether that support or just turning your existing customers, your most loyal ones, into brand advocates.
What is the most important aspect of Social Media Marketing?
 If there's one thing to remember with social media marketing is to be yourself and have a personality. People don't want to engage with something
stiff or just a logo they want to engage with a human so be a human being, be natural and be social.

What is Edge Rank and How does it work?

Hey! This is Shitab Aziz. today I'm writing about the Facebook edge rank algorithm. and if you are using Facebook for your marketing than you'll definitely want to listen up because this is an extremely important thing to understand before you do any marketing on Facebook. 

What is EDGE?

So, as a personal user on Facebook we have the potential of seeing hundreds if not thousands of posts in our news feed every single day. so how do we determine what we want to see and what we don't. well, luckily we don't have to do that because Facebook does it for us, unlike some of the other networks for example Twitter. Twitter is just a gaggle of information just going at neck-breaking speeds sometimes you just can't see what's going on and who's saying what but luckily that's not the case of Facebook. so, there's three main components of the Facebook edge rank algorithm and they are:

  • Affinity 
  • Weight
  • Decay

So, let's discuss...

The first one is affinity and we want to make sure that our followers have an affinity towards our page. that means if they do that our content will show up more in their timeline organically. and that's really important to note is organically! we don't want to be paying money to Facebook . how does affinity work??? well the more likes comments shares and post clicks that we receive the more affinity that person has towards our page. so how do we do that?? the answer is we create posts that people actually want to like comment share and click and that is I think the hardest thing for a lot of pages to understand is we need to be creating posts that people actually like. now you probably have seen Buzz Feed they usually have those quizzes like what city should you be living in what cartoon character would you be all these types of quizzes. and they do that because here's the thing they're baiting you to increase your affinity towards their page! so, all those times that you are like in commenting sharing and doing those quizzes they're actually increasing their edge rank and you are seeing more of that content. so, as a page we want to create content that people actually want to engage with and I always consider the coolness factor I always say to myself is this post cool enough that I'd want to like come and share on what I actually put this on my own personal timeline would I share this with my friends and if the answer is no that's my answer I shouldn't be posting that so always taking that into consideration.

The next thing is weight. the more likes comments shares clicks that I post received the heavier it gets and the higher in your timeline it goes. so, I always want to encourage people to like come and share and click now I always say that shares are gold and those are the things that you really really want. I think a lot of pages actually focus on likes a little bit too much. by sharing you have the opportunity to increase your reach organically because those shares were received likes comments and shares and those shares could potentially increase likes comments and shares and that's what we call virality right! everyone's always talking about how to make their post viral and that's what you want to do.

the last one is time decay. so, obviously the older a post gets the further and the timeline it gets so but the fantastic thing is that the more likes comments shares and clicks that it gets it keeps being bumped up! it keeps getting viral! it keep in it stays fresh which is amazing. so, we always want to think about  how can we bump up those posts. and sometimes you can repost it or sometimes you could just add a little comment to the bottom and then more people add comments as well. then it will keep bumping up in your news feed and other people's news feeds as well. so, that's what edge rank is all about.

 Now if you can't get that affinity going, if you can't get the engagement that you want then you have to pay Facebook . you have to boost your post or create Facebook Ads. I usually recommend for a new page to start boosting posts because by boosting posts initially you would get that initial engagement and that would increase your edge rank and over time you can decrease your ad spend. so, usually I say you know spend five to ten dollars in a boosted post some people get way out of hand and I guess it really depends on how big your audience is because obviously the bigger audiences the more money you have to pay Facebook. So, That's all !!! if you like this article than don't shy to share it! 

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